From Sunrise at Sunset What To Do in Mount Bromo

This is the major reason why people come to Bromo. As the night begins to fade and the sun’s light slowly unveils the views of most spectacular mountains and volcanic peaks, the magical beauty and splendor of the perspective is really unforgettable. There are just two best places to see the spectacular vista: Penanjakan 1 view and the touristy Penanjakan two viewpoint. You are able to rent a jeep to take you to these points or, if you are feeling adventurous, leave just after midnight and hike along the volcano by foot to slowly see the nighttime turn into light.

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If you are feeling adventurous, hike along the volcano to see the nighttime turn into light. If you are feeling adventurous, hike along the volcano to see the nighttime turn into light. After walking or horse riding throughout the simple, you have to visit the crater of Bromo. To reach the top of the crater you’ve to scale a steep rise of 245 stairs. It is bit of hassle as you’ve to walk them alongside countless others, in addition of the fact that one can hardly see the stairs as they’re covered almost entirely by volcanic ash.

However, the task is worth it, however, as the experience and the views are really worth the climb. The descent is easier as from the crest of the crater, you can head down to the plain fast by going down the sandy slope. People who like to add a road warrior as an adventure to their excursion should definitely try this challenge. Hire a jeep and ask your chauffeur to let you drive the car. With the four wheeler on your control, you can drive throughout the thick and catchy sea of sand and feel invincible as you look upon the dunes with their moon like appearance.

Rent a jeep and drive on the Sea of Sand at What To Do in Mount Bromo. Rent a jeep and drive on the Sea of Sand at Mount Bromo. Although small in number, the Tengger Hindu community holds a yearly event called Yadnya Kasada. The ritual begins with dancing performances in Ngadisari village. Before midnight, dozens of shamans gather from the Luhur Poten Shrine to bless the offerings. Afterwards, the Tenggerese flock into the crest Mount Bromo and throw these offerings to the crater and pray for prosperity and safety. Watching the entire process makes you really feel part of this exceptional facet of Javanese culture. End a fun filled day with a calming, relaxing sunset picnic with the best views of nature on the other side of Bromo. Situated throughout the Sea of Sand on the southern side of the mountain, you can marvel at the vast savanna and take from the natural tranquility of provided by the location. Lie down, unwind, and relish the nature around you on one’s own or with family members or close friends.